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In school I was never the brightest. In the seventh grade of high school I enjoyed a lap of honor for the first time. In the ninth grade again, but the repetition has not really helped. My school failure may well have put emphasis on the fact that I didn’t learn once outside of school buildings throughout my schooldays. Even the homework I did preferably shortly before or at the beginning of each lesson, where they were needed. I was also never the cool guy with the most friends; never the class clown, they all liked. Until I was thirteen it wasn’t all that easy. I was a mixture of follower and scholastic failure, a gray mouse without profile and genuine personality.

I could never really excite myself for most interests that potential friends had. I did not think much of computer games, played – apart from the recorder that was imposed by the Bavarian school system – no instruments and sports, well, never mind that not even soccer interested me at that time.

My interests were rather unpopular. I read a lot, was fascinated by all kinds of media, photographed and used computers to build databases and programmed websites for fun. From this combination of interests developed – and it was absolutely not planned back then that you could ever reach more than a few people from your circle of friends with that website.

When, coincidentally, the first press agencies of the film distributors paid attention to the site, I had tasted blood. I saw the potential that this simple website had. With my then 15 years I finally found my way and no longer let myself get dissuaded from it. I created a network, convinced film distributors and agencies to cooperate with us and sat a short time later with the editors of the major media in main interview appointments with national and international personalities from the film world.

In the years after that, with the CINEMA GUIDE, MUNICH’s BEST, 100SINS and Social Secrets followed more editorial projects, parallel to various series of events and finally having with FÜRG MEDIA the right roof with integrated communications agency, which now serves various clients from different industries.

Today I have probably the greatest friends you could ever imagine. I look forward every day to the opportunities and possibilities that present themselves to me. And even more important: I’ve realized that basically everything is indeed possible, as long as you just believe it yourself and don’t let yourself get stopped. Who can be persuaded, that their own goals can not be reached, has lost.

We have to realize that we will all die at some point. We can rely on the statistics and think that it will take a long time before that happens. In fact, this moment, however, can occur in any upcoming second, all of a sudden, totally unexpected. Only those who have understood this, will try things, that others will not dare, will take risks, that others shy away from – seize opportunities that others do not see.

I am often accused that I believed to be faultless. In fact, exactly the opposite is true. I’m full of mistakes, of failed attempts and experienced embarrassment – and I am proud of each and every mishap, every defeat and every faux pas, that I jumped in head first. Only the mass of risks that I took, has spawned to a small range of successes, of which I am very proud today. I differ from the social norm, anytime I feel it is necessary, because if we all just act, just like everyone else, we will eventually no longer continue to develop.

I don’t bend over and I am not being persuaded. I always speak my mind – no matter how unpopular it appears to be in each moment – and I really mean it. I don’t mind being criticized for my opinion and discuss them with anyone who does not share them. At the same time, I ignore those who criticize me for having an opinion and to express it.

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Daniel Fürg

Daniel Fürg is Managing Partner at FÜRG MEDIA and initiator of 48forward. He writes about many different innovation and culture topics he cares about.

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