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Technological development got faster and faster in the past decades. We see exciting new innovations from month to month, huge steps from year to year. Better, faster, cheaper, always more – there is no end in sight. New products enable us to do things that have been unthinkable just a couple of years ago, no matter if we are talking about virtual or real products. As a matter of fact, today we are able to do things that older generations, that are still working today, couldn’t do, they would never have even dreamed of them.

And that’s exactly the problem we should talk about: The fast development of technology and innovation let’s those who are not that much into tech easily fall by the wayside – and they are many, not just a few. It does not help to promote all those new products to the max. You have to involve those non-techies, you have to show and explain to them the personal benefits of staying up to date.

Many companies, especially big corporates, miss that chance. They launch new innovative tools and solutions without having a proper cultural change management in place. They miss to involve ALL employees and are happy that there are a lot of techies carrying out their orders blindly.

This leads to frustration, anger and uncertainty for all those non-techies – and within a “normal” company they are usually outnumbering the techies. Those employees lose their motivation in their everyday working lifes. Over time this situation leads to their total resignation which in turn leads to an overall decrease in productivity.

All this is happening whilst those employees who might appear sceptical and uncertain in the first place could be the biggest ambassadors for innovative developments. As soon as they realize and understand the advantages those innovations can bring along they will feel like the scales fell from their eyes – their aha experience is much bigger than the one the techies undergo. Companies shouldn’t miss to bring those important and authentic potential multipliers onboard – but they still do.

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Daniel Fürg

Daniel Fürg is Managing Partner at FÜRG MEDIA and initiator of 48forward. He writes about many different innovation and culture topics he cares about.

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